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What Is A WordPress Blog Maintenance

A person with his or her own self-hosted wordpress blog will not be able to just sit and relax for the rest of his or her life. If you own a self-hosted wordpress blog, you must be always ready to do some changes from time to time, changes such as additional modification on the themes of the blog, an additional function to the blog, a change on the CSS, or even at some point a complete installation will be needed. It is very important that you consider letting your visitors know that you are having some changes or modifications done to your wordpress blog by putting the blog under maintenance. This article will discuss how you will do it.

Aside from the above mention, it is also very important that you conduct modifications and several tests on your local server in addition to uploading the latest version that is modified. It is also very important that you let your blog visitors know that you are doing some modifications on your wordpress blog so it is proper to inform them that your blog is not online and will be back online soon. You might want to know how to perform this. You can perform this method with the use of certain plugins that was made in order to serve this purpose.

WordPress maintenance mode and its purpose.

The WP maintenance mode or the WordPress maintenance mode is a very useful sustaining mode plugin available. The WP maintenance mode is a very useful plugin you can use on your blog to let the visitors know that your blog is under maintenance without changing all of the details in the forerpart of the blog. Under the WP maintenance mode, you will have the choice to choose who can have an access to the back end of your blog because the default setting will only allow the administrators of your blog to have access on the site when it is under maintenance mode. You can actually do this once you are done doing the repairs on your blog, you can search for the WP maintenance name on the plugin page of your blog and under it is the link that says “settings”. Once you click on the link, you will be given alternatives for you to choose from.

What is maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode is another useful plugin that contains a number of advance features. The maintenance mode plugin will allow you to put a simple HTML message that will be seen on the forepart of your blog. The only disadvantage of using the maintenance mode plugin for the maintenance of your blog is that it does not have any themes that comes with it.

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